At Least 5 Dead After Tropical Storm Ewiniar Battered China With Rain, Flooding

At least five are dead in China after Tropical Storm Ewiniar poured rain on Guangdong Province, triggering landslides and flooding Friday.

Authorities told China Central Television (CCTV) that the deaths occurred after a mudslide buried a residential building in the city of Yungfu, nearly 1,400 miles south of Beijing.

Roads were flooded and streets collapsed in Zhaoqing, where more than 200 students scheduled to take the “Gaokao” academic exam had to be picked up by a fleet of trucks, dinghies and steamboats to help them make it to their testing sites on time, the People’s Daily reports.

“Ewiniar brought more than 8 inches of rain to a large part of Guangdong province in southern China,” said meteorologist Jonathan Belles. “The system was slow moving through the mid-part of this weekend, which increased the rainfall totals and flooding in some cities. Nearby Hong Kong and nearby coastal locations even saw a couple of waterspouts caused by the system.”

One or more waterspouts were spotted off Hong Kong’s Cheung Chau island in the wake of the storm Thursday evening, according to the Hong Kong Free Press.

Officials in Hong Kong canceled the typhoon signal No. 1 Friday night local time as the storm moved away from the city, the South China Morning Post reports. Thursday, the storm prompted authorities to issue the No. 3 signal, which warns of strong winds.

Author: Mitch Battros

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