JUST IN: Scientists Seem To Be Very Interested In Cosmic Rays

There is a great deal of interest in galactic cosmic rays coming from our best space agencies and top universities. As evidenced by several recently published studies, the interest is in the relatively new understanding associated with the paradoxical effect between solar minimum and cosmic ray acceleration.

A second focused interest is the physical effects of higher rates of radiation on humans and animals. Commercial airlines are flying at lower altitudes, and pilots and flight attendants have reduced their number of long flights as well as over polar region flights.

A closer watch has been placed on the Earth’s weakening magnetic field, which of course has always been our greatest defense against charged particles. I think it also important to highlight the ongoing interest and new studies on transcranial magnetic stimulation and its effect on the brain, much of which is related to emotions.

Is it time to go underground? Should we bring out the aluminum hats and umbrellas? No, not yet anyway. I would suggest this generation and the next is not likely to be burdened with such things, but perhaps a hundred years from now there may be inter-planetary travel.

Coming in next newsletter, I will be placing perhaps five or so of the latest published studies for you to perhaps grasp and contemplate on this fascinating direction of research. Not just from looking into the future, but looking into the past.

Then of course, there will be a few of you already have an understanding of this science of cycles. Perhaps you may have even found a source who has produced the inside story on how this puzzle plays out – maybe even since 2012 :-).

Cheers, Mitch